When to Replace the Battery of Your Car

Of all the parts of your car, the battery is one of the most crucial ones. It performs the most important function of powering and starting the car. It is the battery that powers up all the electrical components to work. It provides an electric current to start the vehicle. Besides turning on your car, it also powers up other electrical in the vehicle like lights, stereo, power windows, electric power steering, and more. Considering the important role performed by the battery, it becomes crucial to keep an eye on its condition. However, no matter how much you maintain your car, batteries are not made to last forever. Eventually, a time comes when you need to replace the battery. An average battery can last for 3-5 years and in some cases up to 7 years. Batteries have a limited lifespan but due to some factors like driving conditions and weather, your car’s battery may die sooner.

Signs to Get a New Battery

The process of starting the car involves some parts like- the battery, ignition switch, starter relay, and starter motor. For drivers, starting the car simply involves turning a key or pressing a button. However, it is the battery that performs all the heavy lifting. To keep the battery in optimal working condition and extend its lifespan, you need ideal driving conditions. Extreme temperatures and excessive humidity can wreak havoc on your battery’s condition. Once the battery starts losing its charging capacity, it becomes necessary to replace it. To find out of your car’s battery is dying, pay attention to the following warning signs.

  1. Engine Starts Up Slowly

The most obvious sign is the car struggling to start. If your engine cranks but your car fails to start, take a look at the battery. However, sometimes this issue could be due to engine ignition or fuel system problem. But most likely a flat battery is to be blamed. Maybe, it’s because of the corroded or loose battery terminals. A car mechanic can help you find out if your battery has worn out and you need a new one.

  1. Slow Windows Roll or Dim Headlights

Even if your car starts normally and dashboard lights are not flickering, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any problem. If rolling down your windows takes forever or headlights appear dim, it means the battery is losing power. A faulty window motor or failing window regulator could also be the culprit. But make sure to find out the cause and replace the battery if it has become old or worn out.

  1. Cracked, Leaking, or Swollen Battery

As a responsible car owner, you should perform visual inspections from time to time. Even if you don’t notice anything unusual, take a look at the battery to find if it is cracked or swollen. Sometimes, the battery also starts leaking or there could be corrosion. When you peek inside the car’s hood, you might find that excessive corrosion is covering your battery. An old battery, dim headlights, odd smell, slow engine start, corroded battery terminals, or warning signal on the dashboard- all indicate it is time to buy a new car battery.

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