Fender Flares

These Popular Truck Accessories Offer Both Style and Protection

A fender flare is a protective component attached to the fender of trucks and SUVs. It provides extra coverage for oversize wheel and tires that have a large offset. Flares help deflect small rocks and dirt away from the body of your vehicle.

Here are some important facts that you should consider when you want to purchase or install new flares.


Fender flares are produced in a variety of styles. Some are bold and aggressive while some have a smooth eye-catching design. Examples popular fender styles include: flat, extended, extra-wide, sport, rivet, bolt-on and OEM (original equipment manufacturer). The style you choose should provide adequate coverage while catering to your other specific preferences.


A fender flare should fit perfectly with your fender and blend with other parts of your vehicle. Some fenders may require painting and additional finish to match your vehicle. But where possible, you should select a fender that matches the paint of your vehicle. To maintain a perfect fit with your vehicle, the flare should have effective UV protection that will keep its color from fading.


The installation process for your flares should be simple and efficient. Most flares are now installed without any drilling or permanent mark to the fender. In fact, many brands now come with special installation kits and they are usually attached to the fender at the location specified by the auto manufacturer. This makes it easy for the flares to be removed without any damage to the fender or any other part of the vehicle.

Material and Durability

Truck flares are expected to last for many years. That is why it is vital to select one made of tough material that can withstand standard wear and tear. The minimum standard material specification for fender flares is currently the ABS thermoplastic material. This material is tough and wear resistant. It also allows modifications such as priming, polishing and painting.

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Fender flares are essential components for covering extra-large tires on trucks and SUVs. In addition to satisfying regulatory requirements, they also beautify the vehicle and protect the tires from the impact of rocks and sands. When you are fixing new flares, it is important to pay attention to their style, fit, and durability.

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