Car Battery Replacement

Batteries come in different types & sizes. When looking to buy a car battery it is important to choose the right one for your vehicle. If you have a truck, SUV, estate car or saloon car, you should get the right fit. The battery you choose should be able to give your car enough power, sufficient enough to last your car for a long time even in the midst of wear and tear. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGN) batteries are often recommended for many vehicle types. AGN batteries hold charge for longer than other batteries, maintaining its charge even when your vehicle is not in use for a long period of time.

What to Look For in A Replacement Car Battery

AGM car batteries have in built circuitry that prevents them from overcharging. These batteries are built to withstand repeated draining and recharging cycles and they come with modern fuel saving systems. For car battery replacement, go for AGM batteries since they are built for convenience as they can handle large demands for power. Its circuitry is connected in such a way that it is electrically safe.

How to Perform a Car Battery Replacement

Turn Off Your Vehicle

Before replacing your battery make sure your engine is off and make sure to wear non conductive gloves during the entire process. Also be sure to read any special instruction by your car battery’s manufacturers, in case this specific battery has unique instructions.

Remove The Old Battery

Next you want to first remove the negative cables, and then the positive cables. Most batteries have a visual indicator that tells you which cables are connected to the negative end and which cables are connected to the positive end. Also be very careful not to place metal objects across battery posts. After the cables have been removed, remove the battery while keeping it upright the entire time.

Prepare To Install Your New Battery

Then you should check the cables for corrosion or any other kind of damage. After checking for damage, proceed to clean the insides of each terminal and apply anti-corrosion grease. Now you are ready to install your new battery.

Install Your New Battery

Place the replacement battery in the tray while making sure it stays upright at all times.  Make sure the positive and negative terminals are aligned in the correct position and place the restraints. Now connect the positive post first and then the negative post. Lastly, tighten all restraints and make sure it is is snug with no movement. Now you’re finished!

Buy Your Car Battery with Davenports Automotive

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