Useful Tips to Choose the Right Car Battery

As a key component of your car, keeping the automobile battery in good condition is essential for smooth rides. Throughout the life of your vehicle, you need to replace the battery when it gets old or worn out. The battery isn’t something that lasts forever. Over time, it losses charge and starts deteriorating. And when that happens, you need to replace it. Efficient vehicle operation is impossible without a healthy battery. It is the battery that performs the task of starting the engine and keeps all electronics running. From charging your phone to playing music while the engine is shut off, the battery powers all electrical components of the car.

From top models to economy-class cars, it’s normal for all batteries to lose power over time. Factors like driving conditions and cold weather can sooner or later render your battery dead. However, you should wait till the last moment to replace the battery. You should ideally have your battery checked at a nearby auto repair shop to know if your old battery needs to be replaced. At the time of battery replacement, most car owners simply rely on the mechanic to install whatever battery they recommend. If the car mechanic and dealership are trustworthy, it’s the easiest way to get a new battery. But if you want to invest in the best available battery, here are some tips to help you pick the right battery for your car.

Battery Specifications

To find the right battery, you need to first check the owner’s manual to know the battery specifications. There are different types of batteries designed for every make and model. An important factor in choosing a battery is the size. Batteries are of different sizes and you need to pick the correct physical size. For instance, brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Lexus usually have batteries of size 24/24F (top terminal). Other Japanese models may fit batteries in size 35 (top terminal). Besides battery size, you should check other specifications also like CCA (cold-cranking amps) which measures the battery’s capacity to start an engine during extreme cold weather.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is another important factor that determines the amount of time the battery can produce power before totally draining.  Batteries with greater minute ratings are more likely to power through a situation such as forgetting to switch off the lights while you’re shopping in a mall. It is the reserve capacity that determines how long a battery can power a vehicle if the charging system—the alternator, stator, and rotor fail.

Reputable Dealership & Battery Brand

To make sure you’re investing in the right battery, always go for a reputed brand and trustworthy dealership. Reliable aftermarket car battery suppliers always deal in top brands. So, avoid wasting money on low-priced batteries and go for branded, high-quality batteries available at reputable auto parts stores.

Look for Fresh Battery

Even when not in used and kept in the shop, batteries lose strength over time. It means that checking the manufacturing date is also important. You need to get a battery that is less than 6 months old for optimal performance. The best option is batteries less than three months old as they last longer. You can find battery freshness printed on the label as a code of number and letter. In addition to this, also check the warranty offered by the company.

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