Tips for Buying Aftermarket Car Parts

Car ownership in the world has been increasing exponentially over the past many years and the market has seen a thriving growth. Numerous segments like compact sedans, compact SUVs, premium hatchbacks, etc. are perceiving the arrival of new competitors and buyers are really spoilt for choice.

Obviously, with car sales soaring, customers are going to require spare parts too and not every customer prefers going to an authorised service centres once the warranty of their vehicle is outdated. Hence, people look for replacement parts online or at aftermarket stores. However, it is a gamble because a lot of stores have a tendency to sell fake alternatives for lower prices and these parts are not only substandard in quality but also don’t provide optimal performance.

Buying aftermarket car parts can be an enjoyable experience. After all, this is your chance to customize the look of your vehicle according to your preferences. You will also want to make sure that you are taking all the correct steps to buy the best aftermarket parts at the best value. So, if you’re someone who’s looking to purchase spare parts self-reliantly, here’s a list of things you need to keep in mind to make sure that you always get genuine car parts.


The first and foremost step towards buying the best aftermarket parts is research after you have an idea of what you need for your vehicle. Doing your groundwork properly ensures that you get a thorough review of the product along with the service provided. Once you have finalised what parts you require, start exploring on these parts to see whether alternatives from other reputed brands are accessible or not, the price variance, whether buying online is discounted compared to offline, etc. You can also reach out to the authorised service station or with local spare parts suppliers to see if they have what you need. Do equivalence the prices of various brands and confirm that the part is accurately compatible with your car.

Visit Your Local Junkyard:

Sure, you can always choose to opt for an aftermarket parts store to buy your items. However, you can also bargain for some great deals at your local junkyard. Many junkyards will have the maximum number of exclusive aftermarket parts for popular vehicles where you can find them for lesser cost.

Even though it may take more time and efforts to find the part that you are looking for, but if you are considering an expensive replacement part, then you could end up saving some serious amount of money.

Order from an auction site:

Another great way to get an aftermarket part for your vehicle is to look at auction sites. In fact, there are numerous auction sites that specialize in aftermarket car parts.

While auction sites can offer a great prospect to find an aftermarket car part for lesser cost, you will want to do some cautious research on the part who is auctioning off the product. Here are some things that you should consider before placing your bid:

  • Reputation for timely deliveries of their products
  • Appropriate reviews on the auction site
  • Delivery of products as described on the site

Consider OEM parts:

When you opt for aftermarket parts, you have an option between choosing Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts (OEM) and third-party parts. OEM parts are the genuine and original ones that are made by the same company that manufactured your car. This implies that the OEM part is 100% compatible with your vehicle. A third-party part may be a universal aftermarket part that works with numerous other cars besides your own.

If you are bearing in mind, a mechanical aftermarket part such as a pair of brakes or wheels, then you should seriously contemplate OEM parts. That will ensure that the car will uphold its top performance. If you are looking at more decorative or practical aftermarket parts such as a cargo net or car seats, then you can opt for a third-party brand.

Make Sure the Supplier Offers a Warranty:

Stick to aftermarket car accessories and parts that ensure you a warranty. Remember to read the terms and conditions too, as exclusions may apply. The supplier ought to also have a procedure on returns and exchanges. An extended warranty may be more worth it even if the part or accessory does cost extra.


It is very imperative to take good care of your car by repairing it regularly and always using genuine spare parts. Genuine spare parts deliver optimal performance and are reliable too, diminishing the chances of breakdowns in your car. If you are opting for counterfeit spare parts just to save some money, it actually turns out to be expensive in the extended run because these cheap spares end up bearing more wear and tear, don’t last much and can even cause more dilemmas which could lead to you footing massive repair bills.

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