Things to Consider When Buying a New Car Battery

If you’re finding it difficult to start your car, possibly you need to replace your car’s battery.  It is normal for batteries to die due to several factors such as wear and tear, exposure to heat, and overuse. It can be a nuisance when a car’s battery dies suddenly in the middle of the road. To avoid getting stuck in the middle of the road, you should keep monitoring the condition of your car’s battery. Typically, car batteries can last for about 5 years. But due to some factors like weather conditions and your driving habits, you might need to replace the battery sooner. Monitoring the battery condition regularly and identifying early signs can help you prevent unexpected vehicle breakdowns. A battery is one of the most important parts of the car. The performance of all other components of your car depends on the smooth functioning of the battery. So, to keep your car keeps running efficiently, make sure you invest in the right battery.


How to Buy a Car Battery?

As a wise car owner, you should perform thorough research to find a battery that works best for your car. Vehicles of different brands and models have different specifications. It means that different models need a different type of car battery. The best option is to check the owner’s manual of your car to find out the size of the battery your car requires. Buying the wrong size battery means it won’t fit in the battery tray and could cause vibration. Besides size, you should also check the type of battery needed for your car. Besides battery type and size, here are some more things that you should consider when buying a car battery.

Power Requirement

As you might know, a battery is used to power all the electronics in the car. From starting the engine to turning-on headlights, various functions pull the power from the battery. The amount of energy needed for different functions varies and high-power usage could slowly discharge the battery. So, make sure you check for a battery’s power and invest in a high-power battery. Battery power is typically referred to as CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) or CA (Cranking Amp). It is recommended to get a higher CCA battery if you live in a cold climate region. You should also check the storage capacity of the battery marked in Ampere-hour or Ah. Batteries with higher the Ah can sustain load for a longer time.

Reserve Capacity

Another factor to consider is the reserve capacity of the battery which determines the amount of time the battery is capable of running on its own. Ideally, you should look for a battery with high reserve capacity because it helps during unforeseen situations such as alternator failure, or a non-compliant engine. Buying a branded car battery with good reserve capacity can save stress if you accidentally leave lights on.

Battery Freshness

Unless you’re experienced in buying a car battery, you might forget to check battery freshness. Batteries aren’t perishable, then why check freshness? Buying a battery that was made last year isn’t the best option because it will have less output. To know the battery’s freshness, check its year and month of manufacturing which determines how long a battery can last. New batteries need less maintenance and work optimally.


When spending money on a new battery, you should look for a product that can serve you for at least two years or longer. Sometimes, batteries die sooner due to the owner’s fault. If the cause of battery failure is not owner negligence, it is possible to get free repair or replacement. So, when buying a new car battery, check the warranty time and always invest in a battery with a longer warranty.

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