Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Battery

The battery is the most crucial component of your car. It leads to the smooth performance of the vehicle and a hiccup-free driving experience. Your vehicle is of no use without a battery as the battery plays a significant role in starting it. Thus, you should take proper care of your battery so that it serves you for a longer time period. The most ideal way to take care of it is to recharge it after regular time intervals.

However, every battery comes with a limited lifespan and cannot serve you forever. So, consider replacing it if it is worn out and demands servicing after short time intervals.

Probing further, you may come across several types of batteries in the market, but, you need to choose the one that perfectly fits your car. You have to consider a few crucial things to make sure that you buy the best battery for your vehicle. So, let’s discuss what those things are.

  1. Battery Size –Car batteries come in different sizes. It is divided into group sizes that indicate the width, length and height of the battery. To know what battery size is required by your car, either check the owner’s manual or take the help of a mechanic. The battery of the right size will always fit in the battery tray perfectly.
  2. Date of manufacture –It is the most crucial thing that you should not forget to check. Experts recommend never buy a battery that is older than 6 months from the date of manufacture. Only choose from the new stock to get the maximum output.
  3. The capacity of the battery –If you want a battery with maximum power, then choose the one which has a maximum capacity. It is because the power of the battery is measured incapacity, and the battery with maximum capacity is expected to serve for a longer time period. Moreover, batteries that have more power capacity do not have the problem of dipping charge. They recharge soon and thus give more output. However, you may find the high capacity battery a bit costly, but it is worth spending.
  4. Reserve capacity –It is the amount of time a battery can run on its power without the engine. It is good to have a battery with high reserve capacity as it keeps the car going in situations such as alternator failure and non-compliant engine.
  5. Maintenance –These days some batteries need maintenance while other doesn’t demand maintenance at all. The ones which require maintenance are serviced after every six months. However, it all up to you whether you want to buy a low-maintenance or a maintenance-free battery.
  6. Warranty –Last but not least, make sure that the battery you are buying provides three to five years of warranty. Warranty of the battery is crucial if you want to get replacement or repair services even after a certain period.


We hope that these tips for selecting the correct car battery aid you in your shopping experience. When it comes to car battery purchases, cutting corners will leave you stranded.

If you are uncertain about battery replacement, call your technician to get it looked at. When changing a battery, the protection is paramount, since there are inherent risks.


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