Simple Tips to Maintain Your Car

The latest, advanced cars need less-frequent service but that doesn’t mean to ignore regular maintenance. Without proper maintenance, even the best cars can breakdown. Car maintenance may take your time and money but ignoring it can lead to severe consequences. The time and money you invest in car maintenance today will save you money and headache down the road. Many car owners believe that vehicle maintenance is all about changing its oil every 15,000 km or so. However, changing oil is only one step of the complete maintenance process.

If you want to keep your car running smoothly and safely for years, it’s crucial to follow the proper maintenance schedule. As a responsible car owner, you need to remember that your vehicle can’t take care of itself. So, to keep your car running smoothly, here are some maintenance tips to keep your car in tip-top shape.


Read Owner’s Manual Carefully

Every car owner should carefully read the vehicle’s manual book to know the maintenance requirements. By following the maintenance schedule suggested by the car’s manufacturer you can increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Depending on the make and model of your car, you need to know its requirements like oil changes, tire rotations, replacing transmission fluid, and the like. Most drivers follow the maintenance schedule recommended by their car dealer or mechanic. However, if you read the manual, you will find out that you don’t need to change the oil after every 3,000 miles. Most of the modern cars need an oil change at 5,000 miles. So, once you get to know your car, it can help in following the proper maintenance schedule that will ultimately prevent costly inspections, repairs, and replacements.

Check the Tyres

When it comes to the safety of your car, tyres play a vital role. Make sure you check tyres on a bi-weekly basis to maintain optimal tyre pressure. Always use an accurate tyre-pressure gauge to check the inflation pressure in each tire, including the spare. Your tyres should not be under-inflated because that will increase fuel consumption. Here also, the vehicle’s user manual will help in finding out the recommended pressure level. It is suggested to keep rotating your fronts and rear tyres to even-out the wear.

Check the Engine Oil

Your car’s performance is also affected by engine oil. Make sure you keep checking motor oil to find oil leaks. Any issue should be timely fixed and oil must be added when needed. It is noteworthy here that oil is essential to lubricate all the moving parts in your engine but don’t overfill. Keep the oil level between the minimum and maximum markers. You need to use oil in the right quantity so that it transfers heat away from the combustion cycle and prevent your car from going kaput. Also, replace dark, dirty engine oil. Likewise, the coolant should also be checked.

Keep Your Car Clean

Besides changing filters, spark plugs, and high-tension leads, cleaning your vehicle is also important. Make a habit of washing your car every week to remove dirt, grease, and grime, as well as road salt. Cleaning your car is important because grime and salt can eat the metal of your car and take away its shine. Ignoring regular cleaning will also lead to issues like corrosion which will ultimately reduce your car’s resale value.

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