Signs Your Car Needs a New Battery

It is the battery of the car that starts and powers the engine and other electrical components. Batteries are designed to perform significant functions but like other parts of the car, they are not designed to last forever. Similar to other components like tires and engine oil, the battery must be updated on a regular basis. It is a rechargeable battery that is powered by an alternator and is used to start the car. Besides delivering the electric current to the starting motor, it also serves as a surge protector for the car’s computers. Battery performs a range of functions as it powers elements such as the windshield wipers, audio, and navigation system.

The vehicle’s starting system typically consists of Battery, Ignition switch, Starter motor, and Starter relay. It is the battery that does all the heavy lifting in starting the car. When you press the button or turn the key, a signal is delivered to the battery, which starts a chemical reaction within the small black box. The reaction produces electrical energy, which powers the starter motor and starts the engine. When the battery losses power or becomes dead, your car’s lights may flicker, but the engine will fail to start. In addition to this, there are some more signs that indicate your car’s battery is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. If you notice any of these signs, it means you need a new car battery.

Struggling to Start the Car

When the battery gets weak, you may have a hard time starting the car. When the starting process becomes slow, possibly it’s time for a new battery. A clicking sound when turning the key or the engine cranking slower than usual indicates a problem. A healthy car battery doesn’t create trouble in starting the car. So, if there’s any issue in starting the car, get the battery checked and replace it if needed.

Flickering/Dimming Lights

You may also notice a dim headlight or flickering interior lights when the battery gets weak. When lights appear dim than usual, it means the battery doesn’t have enough power to supply the needed electric current to the lights. The performance of other electrical components like radio and air-conditioner may also get affected when the battery malfunctions. Whether power windows are not working or door locks are acting weird, the battery could be responsible for all electrical malfunctions.

Dashboard Warning Light

The warning light on the dashboard could be illuminated due to many reasons such as low coolant or oil change. A weak battery is one common reason for illuminated warning lights. To know the exact cause, you may need to get the car checked by a mechanic. If the battery is the cause, buy a new battery and replace the old one as soon as possible.

Damaged Battery Case

When the battery ages, the case gets swollen or you may notice corrosion buildup. Battery case often gets damaged due to excessive heat or cold. Extreme temperatures could also break the case, making it necessary to replace the battery. In proper condition, the battery perfectly fits in the case. Periodically, you should perform a visual inspection of the battery to see if there’s corrosion or any leaking fluid. Besides visible signs of damage, there could also be a foul smell that could be due to leakage. If you notice any of these signs, get the battery replaced.

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