Seven Crucial Things to Consider Before Car Painting

Just like every other shelter, your car undergoes major wear and tear with exposure to changing weather conditions. It is mostly the paint that takes the hit as your vehicle starts to rust. So, having it repainted brings great satisfaction.

Auto painting gives your four-wheeler a whole new look and commendable durability to its exteriors. But, since it requires a significant investment of time and money, you must understand what the process entails. Here are a few things you need to know making the final decision –

  1. Worthy or Not?

Car painting is not always worth the expense. Some vehicles can cost a lot for a simple paint job. Hence, you must first evaluate the value of your vehicle and then of the project. In case the repainting task is more than twenty-five percent of the car’s value, you can skip it entirely and keep using your vehicle as it is.

  1. Estimated Budget

Whether you are planning to undertake the project yourself with automobile aerosol paints or hiring a specialist for that matter, you must know the total cost. Generally, it can range anywhere between $600 to $2,000 – it all depends upon the preparation required, the number of parts to be painted, and the quality of the paint. So, be sure you take into account every factor for a hassle-free job.

  1. Paint Type

You can find an immense variety of car paints, each affecting its appearance and job’s price to a great extent. There are solid hues, metallic finishes, pearlescent tones, matte looks, and other special paints. Solid paints are common and inexpensive; metallics are dearer and add great visual appeal; pearlescent look fantastic and are difficult to repair. Mattes are extra expensive. So, first, research and then choose.

  1. Paint Color

Changing your car’s exterior paint is a burdening decision when you cannot even decide on whether you want to repaint or not. It comes without a doubt that it does make the paint job burn a hole in your pocket. So, unless you are sure of your budget limit or have a strong desire to drive a new colored car, avoid opting for a new paint color; instead, stick to the current one.

  1. Paint Quality

Agree with it or not but not all car paints are the same. There is something that causes the difference in the outcomes – the quality of paint or the system used to do the job. High-end paints are immediately recognizable by the finest results produced. The preparation work and primer quality also play an important role. Therefore, buy the paints from a reliable auto supply store.

  1. Warranty

Full-car body paint can bill you as high as $5,000, which surely calls for the assurance with regards to its durability. You need to have some form of guarantee for the job done. Thankfully, most companies offer a warranty on their products and services to protect you later down the road from additional expenses if the paint doesn’t perform optimally on your vehicle.

  1. Repair Before Repaint

Having unrealistic expectations from your paint job doesn’t do any good. You may have resorted to a car repaint to hide those scratches, gouges, dents, rust spots, and holes, but that creates an opposite effect. Painting over damaged surface highlights the problematic areas even further. Hence, it is essential that you first remove the old paint and fix damages that you see on the exterior. Once done appropriately, go ahead with your new coat of car paint.

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