Major Signs That Your Car Battery Needs To Be Replaced

The latest car models are advanced enough to let you know that something is wrong. You can find lights illuminated on the dashboard or something odd to figure out that your car needs help. From tires to windows, any component can go bad and needs repair or replacement. A common car part that often needs replacement is the car battery. This is because no battery is designed to last forever. Your car’s battery could die due to user error or an electrical system malfunction. So, the major factors responsible for causing a battery to die are:

  • Leaving interior or exterior lights on
  • Extreme temperatures (both hot and cold)
  • Poor or corroded battery connections
  • A weak battery
  • Bad Driving habits

It is said that a car’s battery should be replaced every 3-5 years depending on factors like frequency of use, climate, and driving conditions. For instance, if you drive in cold weather or kept the car sitting unused for too long, it can drain the car’s battery. However, regardless of all factors, all batteries lose their charging capacity and eventually die.

When to Replace Car’s Battery?

Many car owners take their car’s battery for granted and ignore checking its condition until it stops working. And when that happens, a faulty battery can leave you stranded on the road. So, to avoid such inconvenience, it’s important to know when it’s time to replace the old battery and get a new one. Batteries start showing some signs before they fail to start the engine. If you’re experiencing any of the following warning signs, it suggests it’s time to get a new car battery.

  1. Slow Engine Start

When you crank the keys and your car takes a few seconds for the engine to get going, there’s something wrong with the battery. The car’s battery is responsible to provide energy to the starter and ignition system of the car. When the engine takes more than usual time to turn over, it indicates your battery has probably come to the end of its life. It is better to get the car checked by a professional mechanic and get a new battery before you need to jump-start your car.

  1. Slow Rolling Windows or Dim Headlights

If your dashboard warning light isn’t flashing and everything seems normal, it doesn’t always mean the battery is perfectly fine. If your windows have become slow to roll down, it also indicates a problem. Slow-rolling windows or dim headlights are some subtle signs that your battery is reaching the end of its life. When the battery gets drained out, it impacts the performance of all your vehicle’s electrical components. A faulty window motor or malfunctioning regulator could also be responsible for slow window operation, but it’s better to get the battery checked. As the battery starts draining, the headlight may get dim when you’re idling in your car and brighten up back upon acceleration.

  1. Cracked, Swollen, or Leaking Battery

Once in a while, you should take a close look at the battery to check its condition. You might get surprised to see cracks, corrosion, or acid leak. If the battery has become swollen or cracked, it’s best to get a new battery. Corrosion is a result of a leak and indicates a problem. Whether you smell something odd or the battery has become too old, replacing it is a safe option. When choosing a new car battery, make sure to check the car’s owner’s manual to get the right type of battery. Always invest in good quality, branded battery to ensure best performance.

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