Common Signs of Dying Car Battery

Don’t you get annoyed when you get into your vehicle, put your keys in the ignition, and turn the key, but the car fails to start? If your car is giving you a hard time while starting then probably its battery is to be blamed. The battery is the lifeblood of vehicles and it gives some warning signs before it finally stops working. It is your car’s battery that powers all of the electrical components in your vehicle and it wears out over time. Modern vehicles have numerous electrical components like power locks, power windows, power sunroofs, power outlets for phone chargers, navigation systems, and much more. All these components, as well as weather and your driving habits, take a toll on your car’s battery. Moreover, old batteries tend to develop issues like corrosion and other problems.

Under the ideal conditions — no extreme temperatures or humidity, a new battery can last as long as 5 years. But eventually, all batteries come to the point where they fail to start the car. So, to avoid getting stranded on a lonely road with a dead battery, make sure to identify the warning signs. Your battery will show some signs of failure to help you take timely action. Here are some signs that indicate your car battery is dying.

A Slow To Start Engine

If your battery has become old then possibly its internal components have started to wear out and become less effective. When your battery wears out, it takes longer to create a charge, making you wait longer for the engine to turn over. When the problem gets even more severe, your car’s engine will crank when you turn the key, but it won’t start. A slow engine start is a sign that you may need a car battery replacement soon.

Heavy Corrosion

You need to regularly perform a visual inspection of your battery. While checking your battery, look at the signs to damage like corrosion. If you see a white, ashy substance on the metal parts of your battery, it means the connectors are corroded. You may also notice fluffy blue corrosion, a clear film on the battery case, or acidic fumes. All these issues lower battery voltage and create trouble in starting your vehicle.

Dim Lights and Electrical Issues

When the battery gets old or develops issues then it fails to fully power your vehicle’s electrical components like headlights. As you know, the vehicle’s battery is responsible for powering all the electronics from lights to the radio. When your battery begins to lose its charge, you will notice issues like dim or flickering headlights. This problem often arises when you plug multiple things into your car while driving such as your phone charger.

Old Battery

Do you know the lifespan of your battery? If you’ve not replaced your car’s battery for more than 3-4 years then consult a mechanic to determine the health of your battery. If you live in an ideal climate and have normal driving habits, then your battery can last for -5 years. The lifespan of a car’s battery depends on factors like climatic conditions, electronic demands, and driving habits. To avoid potential issues, it’s best to replace your car’s battery as it gets close to the 3-year mark.

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