A Guide to Buy New Battery for Your Car

If you haven’t changed your car’s battery in the last 3 years, you’re most likely to face an issue soon. The car battery is one of the most vital parts of any vehicle. It is responsible for powering the engine and other electrical components of the car. So, if your car is taking normal than usual to start, it’s possibly due to a worn-out battery. No matter how much you maintain your car, at some point, you will need to replace the battery. This is because the battery suffers wear and tear and eventually dies when exposes to heat or repeated discharging. So, if your engine refuses to start, take a look at the battery to find out if it needs replacement. However, replacing the battery after encountering an issue isn’t the best thing. It can be frustrating when the car doesn’t start and you’re late for a meeting or in the middle of a highway. To avoid these problematic situations, keep monitoring the condition of your battery and invest in a new car battery as soon as you notice the first sign of struggle.

Typically, most batteries have a lifespan of 3-5 years.  However, each model is different and replacement time varies depending on your driving habits and climatic conditions. When looking for a new battery, it is easy to get confused because a multitude of options is available in the auto parts supply stores. So, the easiest way is to check the owner’s manual of your car. Your car’s manual can help you find out the type and size of the battery your car requires. Besides that, here are some more things to consider when buying a new car battery.

Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity refers to the capability of the battery of running on its own. It is time that the battery can keep running on its own power without the engine. It is important to buy a new battery that has adequate reserve capacity because you don’t want a dead car if you forget to switch off the lights.

Battery Size

The owner’s manual will help you understand the battery size that suits your car. When looking for a battery, selecting the size also depends on the functionality you want. Choosing the right battery size is important to ensure that it fits perfectly in the battery tray and prevents fluid spillage or vibration.

Battery Freshness

You can find battery freshness mentioned as a code on the battery in form of a letter and number. The letter refers to the month and the number stands for the year of manufacture. Since batteries aren’t perishable, it doesn’t mean you can ignore freshness. It is an important factor that determines how long a battery can last and work optimally. Ideally, you should avoid buying batteries that are older than six months from the date of manufacture.


Other factors to consider when looking for a new car battery include brand and warranty. To make a smart purchase, always invest in a battery with an extended warranty or a money-back guarantee.

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